Take Charge

What we do

Take Charge is a Christchurch service that engages with young people aged between 18 and 25.

Our focus is on supporting the young people to:

  • Find sustainable employment opportunities 

  • Navigate training pathways

  • Transition into being ‘work ready’

  • Provide “In Work Support” for the following 12 months 


Take Charge will help you make changes to improve your wellbeing, and support you to find and stay in work.

  • Are you anxious or depressed?

  • Are you tired of being bored?

  • Do you worry about getting and keeping a job?

  • Does your mental health/addiction issues get in the way of you getting a job?

We provide group and individual therapy. The support is tailored to your individual needs.

Our Employment Specialists support employers to:

  • Find staff that are matched to your requirements and working environment

  • Have ‘work ready’ young people coming into the workplace

  • Provide services to support communication with the young person

Further Info:

For more information contact takecharge@odysseychch.org.nz


Odyssey House Trust Christchurch provides therapeutic support and education to clients with drug and alcohol addictions.


98-100 Greers Rd


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