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Take Charge
Your next step
Starts with you
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Our Mission

Take Charge is a service in Christchurch that engages with young people aged between 18 and 24, that have mild to moderate mental health issues and are looking for work or study. We help to empower them to take their next step and to facilitate the steps along the way. We work alongside them and give them the skills needed to climb the ladder of whatever they want to achieve, be it study or finding employment.
We offer 12 months support to find work or study and then up to another 12 months support to maintain this.

We help work with you, to empower you, to take your next step.

Sometimes you know what you want to be, and where you want to fit into the world- but sometimes you don’t know, and that is ok. Trying to figure it out alone can be challenging, that’s why we are here.


Take Charge is here to help you find your footing and take that next step, be it into study or employment. We can get you there if you want to get there.

Support, when you want it, how you want it

We provide group therapy and one on one counselling/ mental health support. The counsellor can work with you on anything: tackling depression, anxiety, addictive behaviours or just someone to check things with to help you overcome personal barriers to work and study. Our counsellors/mental health staff are great at listening and making you feel like you. 

After or during working with the mental health support, an employment specialist will then help to up skill you. They will support you on how to make a CV, interview skills, filling out study or employment forms, contacting employers/tertiary providers as well as other tricks and tips along the way. We organise funding to help take away some of the barriers between you and your next step.

Taking Charge - Logo.jpg

Group Therapy

We run blocks of 5 group therapy sessions, 2 per week for an hour long. With content directed on what you need to work on. Topics including, overcoming anxiety, enhancing wellness, dealing with relationships and much more. It's like a discussion with friends, just with different perspective’s than you may normally talk about.
Referral is easy! Message, text or ring us and we will organise a time to meet with you.

CCS Building - 55 Ferry Road, Christchurch   |   (021) 367 069   |

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