Youth Addictions & Mental health Alliance (YAMHA)

What we do


The Youth Addictions and Mental health Alliance (YAMHA) came together to provide clinical leadership across the CDHB- funded teams providing child and youth mental health and addictions services within the community. 



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YAMHA Flexi fund

The purpose of the YAMHA Flexi Fund is to:


Remove/reduce barriers that prevent young people aged 13 to 18 (Young People) affected by mild to moderate mental health and/or alcohol/addiction issues and/or their families (Eligible Clients) from accessing necessary services; and/or purchase or provide specific services and/or interventions etc. to improve mental health and wellbeing of eligible clients.


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YAMHA Community Youth Facilitator


The Community Youth Facilitators will have a wide/flexible remit, including but not limited to:


  • Working alongside young people aged 13 to 18 and their families (Eligible Clients) that are struggling with mild to moderate mental health and/or alcohol and addiction or other issues and;

  • Supporting the implementation of plans, goals, and outcomes to ensure that the needs of the individual and their families are met in the most appropriate way.


The objectives of the Community Youth Facilitators will include:


  • To work collaboratively to increase community access for Young People;

  • To provide timely screening, assessment, and interventions;

  • To facilitate access to CAF services as required;

  • To support the Youth Addictions and Mental Health Alliance (YAMHA) to work alongside Young People and their families who have been referred to YAMHA clinical services;

  • To motivate Young People to access the appropriate services that will benefit their wellbeing;

  • To develop and lead group facilitation with a youth focus (as required);

  • To remove barriers to health care for Young People (including in rural areas);

  • To work with other agencies and the families of Young People (as required);

  • To motivate Young People to make positive and responsible decisions; and

  • To build relationships with community organisations and working relationships with YAMHA.


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