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Sponsor a Space

Are you looking to make a positive contribution to your community?

For over 30 years, Odyssey House has been providing residential services for adult males, providing 23 men with the opportunity to live here in intensive therapy.

The men learn life skills by supporting themselves in day to day living, attend family, group and individual therapy, attend to community activities such as maintaining gardens, and learn vocational skills such as carpentry and food preparation.

By improving the life quality of those affected by addiction, we build stronger communities.

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The male adult residence is ‘worn out’. It has aged, been shaken about by the earthquakes, and given the era in which it was built, is expensive to maintain.


We have plans underway to rebuild the residence on the same site here in Burnside, and can do so on unused land allowing for continuity of operations for the duration of the build. We have launched a fundraising campaign to raise $1.6mil in 2018, to allow the build to commence in 2019.


Sponsor a bedroom, therapy room or kitchen. 

To make a donation:

Odyssey House Christchurch


Reference: Your Name/Email

Contact Karen on or 027 232 0353 to find out more.

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