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Odyssey House Trust Christchurch provides therapeutic support
and education to clients with drug and alcohol addictions.

Our mission is to improve the wellbeing (Life quality) of individuals, whānau

and community affected by addiction, mental health and related issues

Odyssey House works from a Therapeutic Community model and is part of the
Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association ATCA – click here to learn more

Christchurch Central Services
Family / Whānau Supports available at Odyssey
Groups you can
access now

Looking for help? Unsure where to start? Give Christchurch Central Services a call.

Supports available through Odyssey House for whānau and family of people with Alcohol or Drug concerns

Find groups that you can be

involved with straight away

Kina Trust
Family supports website
Training and Support Service
Support Us

Find out the ways you can help support Odyssey House. Sponsor a Space.

Mens Residential
Womens Residential
He Kete Oranga o te Mana Wahine
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