What we do

Community Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS) is a service run in conjunction with Purapura Whetu, Odyssey House and Stepping Stones Trust for young people aged 13-18 years who may be facing mild to moderate mental health and/or addiction issues.

The service provides short-term intervention offering six sessions which includes assessment, treatment and support. CYMHS will also coordinate and support youth and families into longer-term treatment if required. By negotiation young people can be seen at school, health clinics, or at home.

Ahakoa nga ueue Kia Kaha, Kia Toa, Kia manawanui

When you find things that are difficult in life,
stand strong, stand tall and be of great heart.

The functions for this service includes:

•    Develop relationships with youth workers, police, education, CYF, WINZ and social services
•    Provide services in a range of locations, according to need
•    Screen, assess and provide community-based interventions
•    Facilitate access to other services including primary care and specialist services
•    Coordinate youth MH/AOD services  to triage referrals and match people to services
•    Develop community-based group interventions according to need

Further Info:

For more information, read our brochure, download our referral form or contact one of the staff on the number below.

Download referral form here


Ph: 03 281 7616

Email: cymhs@odysseychch.org.nz

Fx: 03 358 2907

Postal: c/o Odyssey House, PO Box 34009, ChCh 8053

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a cost involved?
No, it’s FREE!

Is it confidential?
Absolutely! Details of confidentiality are always
explained and agreed on with clients.

What can I expect?
A non-judgmental approach that focuses on your needs.

How can I access this service?
Contact us directly or ask a GP, school staff or a
support person to fill in a referral form. Available on Stepping Stones, Purapura Whetu and Odyssey House websites.

Service History


In July 2011, a group of NGO services began meeting with CDHB to canvas needs for youth mental health services in Canterbury.

A working group was eventually established who developed a service that was intended to increase community access, establish a coordination role and gather information about need.

A cross agency initiative between CAF Services, Odyssey House (Christchurch) and Stepping Stone Trust was established and an integrated service model developed that would be mobile and available in a range of youth venues.  Pura Pura Whetu is now part of this collaborative service to assist the needs of our tangata whenua. 


Odyssey House Trust Christchurch provides therapeutic support and education to clients with drug and alcohol addictions.


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