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In July 2011, a group of NGO services began meeting with CDHB to canvas needs for youth mental health services in Canterbury.  A working group was eventually established who developed a service that was intended to increase community access, establish a coordination role and gather information about need. A cross agency initiative between CAF Services, Odyssey House (Christchurch) and Stepping Stone Trust was established and an integrated service model developed that would be mobile and available in a range of youth venues.  


The functions for this service includes:


  • Develop relationships with youth workers, police, education, CYF, WINZ and social services

  • Provide services in a range of locations, according to need

  • Screen, assess and provide community-based interventions

  • Facilitate access to other services including primary care and specialist services

  • Coordinate youth MH/AOD services  to triage referrals and match people to services

  • Develop community based group interventions according to need


For more information, read our brochure, download our referral form or contact one of the Youth Mental Health / AOD Practitioners:


Mihai Alexander or Victoria Ravenscroft


Ph: 03 2817616 / Fx: 03 3582907 / C: 0272224898 (Mihai) or 021774883 (Victoria)


Email: cymhs@odysseychch.org.nz



Postal: c/o Odyssey House, PO Box 34009, ChCh 8053







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